16 February 2010

Iowa Congressman brags about shooting raccoon with Desert Eagle

(photo credit: screen capture)

Last week, Rep. Steve King of Iowa tweeted that a “crazy raccoon” was “chewing and clawing his way” into the lawmaker’s home. The tweet ended with “Desert Eagle 1, Crazy Raccoon zero.” For those not familiar with the terminology, he killed the raccoon with his big gun.

PETA released an official statement saying, “Pick on someone your own size, not a small animal seeking warmth in a blizzard. It doesn’t give you comfort in your representatives when a member of Congress finds it amusing to boast of shooting a desperately cold animal who is 100 times smaller than he is and whose only misstep was trying to get into a large, warm house. I hope he’s not on any committees that make decisions regarding cruel and unusual punishment. Decent people would call animal control for help, not get on Twitter to boast about having a really, really big gun.”

The Iowa Republican explained to Roll Call that while on a conference call, he noticed the raccoon trying to get into his home. He cited his concern that the raccoon was possibly carrying rabies so he grabbed the high-powered semiautomatic pistol that he had “handy.” The raccoon attempted to escape but King caught up to the animal and killed it. King contends that he appreciates wildlife but “can’t have a crazy ‘coon.”

Considering the Iowa Republican works for the government, it would be logical to expect him to contact animal control who would safely remove the raccoon from the area. Instead he reached for his gun, chased down the animal then turned to his Twitter account to rave about his kill.

One may argue that King lives in the country and had to do what he felt was best for his family. However, it is highly unnecessary and unbecoming for a lawmaker to brag about killing an animal in a public forum. It perpetuates the unending cycle of violence in our country.

Additionally it should be noted that in the United States there has been only one documented case of human death as a result of raccoon-transmitted rabies. Typically a raccoon that is carrying contagious rabies is close to death and will appear extremely sick.

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