16 February 2010

Kellie Pickler discusses speeding, her grandfather, and Fergie on Ellen

(photo credit: video screen capture)

Country sweetheart Kellie Pickler was on Ellen today and, in typical Pickler fashion, she talked and talked and talked.

The singer discussed her theory that speed limits are only law if there are other cars on the road adding, “I can’t stand when people drive the speed limit especially on the interstate. It’s like ‘Oh my gawd get out of my way.’ That brings out the inner demon in me.” And just for clarification she explained, “I’m not possessed or nothing!”

Pickler, who has been a vegetarian since 2008, also discussed her grandfather’s fondness of Fergie and just about jumped out of her seat when she thought someone was sneaking up behind her.

Watch the Kellie Pickler segment on Ellen:

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