30 January 2010

Oprah celebrates 56th birthday by adopting two Springer Spaniel pups

(photo credit: oprah.com)

Oprah celebrated her 56th birthday on Jan. 29 with two new fur babies, 14-week old Springer Spaniels, Sunny and Lauren. Oprah’s new puppies came from PAWS Chicago, the city’s largest no-kill humane organization.

When it was time for Oprah to add more pups to her clan, she decided on the obedient, easy going Springer Spaniel breed. The talk show host contacted Paula Fasseas, founder of PAWS Chicago, and put in a specific request for Springers.

"They just arrived in time for my birthday," Oprah says. "[Paula] rescued these little gals from the pound. They could have been euthanized if they weren't adopted. Can you believe that? And now they're gonna go home with me."

The pups will receive their last vaccines then go home to meet their new buds, Sadie, Luke, and Layla – Oprah’s other pooches.

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