27 January 2010

Dead animal accessories offered by RP/Encore a real head scratcher

(photo credit: flickr.com/photos/bigfatrat)

In an attempt to fill the much needed rat carcass on a wrist chain niche, London based RP/Encore is offering a full line of dead animal jewelry and accessories.

Reid Peppard, the RP in RP/Encore, designs and markets the collection that includes oddities such as the “London Caught Bracelet” and the “Pigeon Wing Head Piece.”

Yes the animals are real but according to Peppard’s website, “Every effort has been taken to see that the creatures used in RP/Encore are road kill, pest control or natural death. The only exception to this rule is the occasional feeder rat.”

Additionally, the 2008 Central Saint Martin’s College grad has an open offer to answer any questions in regards to the ethics of RP/Encore’s work.

So if avoiding laser like glares at your next HSUS meeting is not high on your priority list, please feel free to open your wallets or should I say your “Large White Rat Coin Purse” and give RP/Encore a visit.

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