26 January 2010

Undercover footage shows the dark side of factory dairy farms

(photo credit: mercyforanimals.org)

Mercy For Animals has just released undercover footage taken at Willet Dairy in Locke, New York. The hidden camera video taken by the animal advocacy organization shows dairy cows enduring extreme agony as handlers cut off their tails (known as tail docking) and burn off their horns – all without anesthesia.

As opposed to the picture that is painted by the dairy industry, cows do not roam lush green pastures and they are definitely not "happy." In fact they are never even allowed outside, rather are forced to live in crowded sheds with floors covered with manure.

The footage also highlights evidence of atrocious animal mistreatment including cows with health issues and wounds left to suffer with no veterinary care, newborn calves being dragged away from their mothers, and workers shown kicking and punching cows.

Experts viewing the footage found the conditions and treatment to be deplorable. "The conditions at this dairy create both mental and physical suffering for the cows," said Debra Teachout DVM, MVSc. "Even the bare necessities of a suitable environment, comfortable resting area, humane treatment, and basic medical care are withheld."

Before watching the video, Dairy’s Dark Side: The Sour Truth Behind Milk, consider these words from Mercy For Animals:

“Sadly, the inhumane conditions uncovered at this factory farm are not isolated. Whether raised for meat, dairy or eggs, animals used in food production are frequently subjected to appalling confinement, mutilations, brutal handling and slaughter. Because agribusiness values profit over ethical principles, cruelty to animals continues to run rampant on factory farms.

“Thankfully, compassionate consumers can choose to withdraw their support of these abusive industries by adopting a vegan diet. Each time we eat we can choose kindness over cruelty.”

Watch the (graphic) video below. As stated before on This Dish Is Vegetarian, once you know, you can’t unknow.

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