08 November 2009

Xochitl Mexican Sytle Chips

Several days ago, Eric and I stopped at Giant Eagle to do some grocery shopping.  We were almost ready to head to the cash register when we decided that we HAD to have chips with our Mexican Meal that night.  Being in the International Food section, we spotted a row of cool looking bags of chips  The chips were no ordinary tortilla chips, they were Xochitl Totopos de Maiz.  (Read: Chips of corn.)  Awesome!  Just want we wanted!  We moved closer and quickly noticed the price listed below the bags.  A store sale marked the item down from $5.99 to $3.99 per bag.  Both of us stood there, silent.  We knew we could probably head over to the chip aisle and get a bag for half the price.  Alas, these chips looked so good, and frankly neither one of us felt like trekking back through the store!  Eric grabbed the bag and we went to the checkout area to pay for our goods.

I'm glad we decided to splurge and purchase the chips.  Eric, the girls, and I really enjoyed the authentic taste of the Xochitl chips.  They taste like something you would find in a true Mexican restaurant.  The chips are thin and crispy.  The flavor is spectacular.  Definitely a great addition to Mexican Night! [Salsa Xochitl]