19 January 2007

Tofu Ideas

Easiest way to add tofu to your diet is to add it to your spaghetti sauce. I prefer to MASH the tofu not CUBE the tofu. I use a potato masher. Mash the tofu then stir it into your sauce. Voila! It's that easy. You can use an entire block of tofu to your sauce. Tofu takes on the taste of whatever it is with - so the sauce should really just taste like sauce. :-) You can also add it to chili.

I also make egg rolls with it. Once again MASH the tofu, add onions, spices, etc. Roll in in an egg roll wrapper. Fry.

If you get really brave, you can soak the entire block of tofu in Franks Red Hot Sauce for several hours. Then bake it. Slice it, serve.

I actually really like breaded tofu. Get a firm block of tofu. Slice it with a cheese slicer (the kind with a wire). Coat it with flour and spices. Fry. You can also do this and make a sandwich with it.